Providing distance learning

Our Access to Learning programme helps around 2,000 prisoners each year to study distance learning courses in subjects and at levels not otherwise available in prison.

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We also give prisoners funding for arts and hobby materials. Many prisoners tell us having a creative activity is essential for the long hours spent in their cells, when they find the stress and anxiety of prison overwhelming; it is also vital for talented artists who lack funds for arts materials and cannot express their creativity; and for those individuals who have a particular project to complete, such as making cards for loved ones, or creating a model which they can give to their children as presents.

PET is available to offer expert advice and guidance to all learners and the staff that support them, not only on course choices, but also issues that may affect their study such as student loans.

This programme has been core of PET's work since our foundation in 1989, and we are proud to have supported over 28,000 prisoners across England and Wales.

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Every month in Inside Time - the national newspaper for prisoners and detainees we introduce a course and give a brief introduction to it. Below you can see a few of our courses!