Involve, Improve, Inspire: a prison toolkit

In 2013, PET developed a learner voice toolkit, 'Involve, Improve, Inspire', to provide prison staff with a range of resources to develop the concept of learner voice in their establishments.

The toolkit gives many examples of how prisons could involve people in learning, such as allowing prisoners to vote for a representative to sit on student forums or councils, raise issues with senior staff members and help promote education among peers. Becoming responsible for and taking part in such activities develops skills in public speaking, decision-making and project management; all of which can help people resettle back into their lives after release.

Our report showed this approach is beneficial for prisons as well as individuals, by involving prisoners and ex-prisoners, prisons and community providers are better equipped to remove barriers to learning and improve the quality of education and training opportunities.

The Rehabilitative Culture project will refer to the toolkit to guide prison staff in how to establish and improve learner voice activities. Inspiring more prisoners to speak about their experiences will contribute towards a rehabilitative culture and also develop positive relationships between staff and prisoners. Read more about the project here.

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