'Greenhouses not Warehouses': Prisoner Learning Alliance launch new resource for governors at PGA annual conference

10 Oct 2017

On the first day of the Prison Governors Association annual conference, PET's Head of Policy Nina Champion and HMYOI Brinsford Governor Heather Whitehead teamed up to launch the new Prisoner Learning Alliance (PLA) resource, 'Greenhouses not Warehouses: Commissioning education to plant seeds of hope and opportunity'.

Read it here:

'Greenhouses not Warehouses' (Four-page summary)

'Greenhouses not Warehouses' (Workbook)

Offender Learning and Skills Service (OLASS) contracts come to an end in 2018, making way for a new era of prison governor-led education commissioning. Prisons are being given increasing flexibility and control over education budgets and the ability to commission a wide range of provision. 

The workbook is designed to support prison governors and managers with this process. As Governor Whitehead stated at the launch to an audience of prison governors from across England and Wales, it "gives practical advice to help kick-start planning for education commissioning".

The Prisoner Learning Alliance are gathering information and resources on the changes to education commissioning, which you can read here.

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