Our vision

Our vision is that every prisoner has the opportunity to benefit from education

Prisoner artworkThis vision is underpinned by our belief that

  • Education has the power to enrich, change and develop people throughout their lives.
  • Offering prisoners access to education improves their self-esteem and enables them to choose a more constructive way of life – making it less likely that they will re-offend.

It explains the purpose of PET

We support prisoners to engage in rehabilitation through learning. We do this by providing access to a broad range of distance learning opportunities and related advice and mentoring services, to enable prisoners to lead more fulfilling lives and to contribute positively to society. We focus on those whose needs are not fully served by education provided directly by the statutory prison authorities and who want to progress. We work to influence policy and practice so that education provision for prisoners becomes more effective; and we enable prisoner learner voice to be heard.

From it comes our view of what constitutes success

Success is that, through learning, prisoners become positively engaged, initially within prison, and then in wider society. For example, after release, they might be: pursuing further learning or education; involved in creative activities; in paid or voluntary work or actively seeking it; involved in helping their family members; or running their own businesses.

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