Welsh Prisons Project

In 2015 PET was awarded £500,000 to complete a pilot project focused on the five prisons in Wales (Parc, Cardiff, Swansea, Usk and Prescoed). The first phase will conclude in August 2017 and has transformed learning provision in Wales, leading to a 53% increase in the number of distance learners in prisons in Wales. 

PET's work has included: 

  • Designing and distributing a learner welcome pack including a new student handbook
  • Hundreds of face-to-face advice sessions
  • Group study skills sessions
  • Establishing prisoner peer distance learning coordinators and mentors to provide additional support to prisoners
  • Initiating Education Fayres at four of the five prisons, supported by local colleges and universities
  • Building links with colleges and universities, most notably our partnership with Cardiff Metropolitan University
  • Expanding the advice provision to “through the gate”, providing advice to individuals as they apply to attend university on release, or aim to continue their studies in the community

PET hopes to continue our work in Wales over the next few years, when we will begin working with the new prison HMP Berwyn in North Wales. 

To find out more about the Welsh project, please contact the team listed here.