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PET offers over 125 different distance learning courses in every prison in England, Wales, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

We offer courses in a range of sectors – from health and social care to transport and logistics – as well as GCSEs, A-levels and Open University Access modules. Here you’ll find information about every course we offer.

Business, Management, and I.T. | Distance Learning Centre | Unaccredited | Level 4 | Duration: 140 hours

Webmaster Responsive Web Design

Progressing from the HTML and CSS Level 3 qualification, on this course you’ll learn how to design stunning responsive websites using the very latest HTML5 and CSS technologies. You will find out how to develop professional websites with an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices. The course also includes tips on styling content, layouts, lists and tables, and special effects to improve webpages.

The course consists of ten lessons:

1. Introduction
2. Responsive Web Design
3. HTML5 Semantic Elements
4. Introduction to CSS3
5. Styling Content & Layout with CSS3
6. Styling Lists & Tables with CSS3
7. Stylish HTML5 Forms
8. Using CSS3 to Create Special Effects
9. Optimising & Organising your CSS3 Code
10. The Powerful HTML5 API’s

Entry Requirements: Level 2 English plus Webmaster Level 3 qualification or equivalent

Format of Course Materials: CD-ROMS (or if not possible, it can be provided via a downloadable file or via a USB stick)

Assignments: Ten assignments

Exams: None

Prison Support Requirements: Ensure and facilitate PC Access. Support completion and submission of assignments.

Tutor Support: Yes

What’s Next? Webmaster Javascript Web Design, also from the Distance Learning Centre

Find Out More: From the DLC here


Arts and Writing | NEC | Unaccredited | Level 2 | Duration: 120 hours

Writing for a Living

If you already read and write confidently, this course will give you all the knowledge and skills you need to have the best possible chance of getting your work published. You’ll learn about the different publishing platforms and the differing demands they place on the writer, including which outlet would be most suitable for your work. You’ll also have the opportunity to develop your knowledge around getting started as a freelancer.

The course contains six units:

  1. Identifying your goals and dreams
  2. Analysing what you have to sell
  3. Identifying and establishing a market
  4. Promoting yourself and your work
  5. Your working methods
  6. Freelance finances

Entry Requirements: Level 2 English

Format of Course Materials: Paper-based

Assignments: Three written assignments

Exams: None

Prison Support Requirements: Support completion and submission of assignments

Tutor Support: Yes

Find Out More: From NEC here


Transport and Logistics | East Anglian Sea School | RYA | Level 3 | Duration: 40 hours

Yachtmaster Ocean

If you’ve completed the Coastal Skipper / Yachtmaster course, this advanced course could be your next step – providing you with the skills needed to sail the ocean either as a skipper or a mate. You will learn about astronavigation and meteorology and expand your knowledge of the meridian altitudes, compass checking, satellite navigation, circle sailing, and passage planning and making.

This course consists of thirteen lessons:

  1. The Earth and the Celestial Sphere
  2. The PZX Triangle
  3. The Sextant
  4. Measurement of Time
  5. Meridian Altitudes
  6. Sun, Star and Other Sights
  7. Compass Checking
  8. Satellite Navigation Systems
  9. Great Circle Sailing
  10. Meteorology
  11. Passage Planning
  12. Passage Making
  13. Communications

Entry Requirements: Applicants should have completed the RYA Coastal Skipper course, or have equivalent knowledge.

Format of Course Materials: Paper-based

Assignments: None – course contains a self-assessed workbook

Exams: One exam

Prison Support Requirements: Support completion and submission of coursework. Facilitate and invigilate exams.

Tutor Support: Yes

Find Out More: From the East Anglian Sea School here

Fitness | BSY | ABC | Level 2 | Duration: 80 hours

Yoga Beginners

This course will provide you with a comprehensive introduction to yoga – including the control of the mind and body through breathing and gentle movement. As well as giving you a theoretical introduction, you will be guided through relevant exercises. You will study warm-up routines, rhythmic breathing, rolls and lifts, eyes and neck exercises, shoulders and finger exercises, and learn about relaxation techniques.

The course has ten lessons:

  1. What is Yoga?
  2. Breathing
  3. Rhythmic Breathing?
  4. Warm-up Routine
  5. Rolls and lifts
  6. Out in the Sun
  7. Salute to the Sun
  8. Eyes and Neck
  9. Shoulders and Fingers
  10. What is Relaxation?

Entry Requirements: Level 2 English

Format of Course Materials: Paper-based

Assignments: Ten written assignments

Exams: None

Prison Support Requirements: Support completion and submission of assignments

Tutor Support: Yes

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