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16 November 2019

Grace Dent - Radio 4 Appeal

Grace and Dalton - BBC Radio 4 AppealPrisoners’ Education Trust are delighted to announce that columnist, broadcaster and novelist Grace Dent will be presenting our BBC Radio 4 Appeal, which is set to air this December.

The Appeal, a weekly programme highlighting the work of a charity, will go out on BBC Radio 4 on Sunday 15 December at 7.54am and 9.25pm and again on Thursday 19 December at 3.27pm.

Grace Dent is The Guardian’s restaurant critic and has a Weekend column in the paper. She also presents The Untold on BBC Radio 4, a series documenting the untold dramas of 21st-century Britain – including the stories of people making a fresh start after prison.

Grace said:

When I was asked to work with Prisoners’ Education Trust I jumped at the chance. It is a charity that would have helped so many people in my life when I was younger. It’s igniting people’s self-belief. It’s giving them a passion for learning. It is life changing.

Listen to Grace explain why she is helping us to transform lives through education:

As part of the appeal, Grace will be telling the story of Dalton, who was funded by Prisoners’ Education Trust in 2018. Bullied at school and disillusioned with the education system, Dalton fell in with the wrong crowd and ended up in prison.

But in amongst the chaos, Dalton found solace in the prison library. It was here he discovered the courses offered by Prisoners’ Education Trust.

Cassie Edmiston, the charity’s Head of Fundraising, said:

With Grace’s brilliant support, we hope that our BBC Radio 4 Appeal will demonstrate how vital education in prison can be. And with the listeners’ help, we can support more learners like Dalton to start a new chapter in their lives.

Make sure you tune into our BBC Radio 4 Appeal this December to find out how studying in prison has changed Dalton’s life.

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