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31 October 2022

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We welcome two new trustees to the Prisoners’ Education Trust board, including the first graduate of the PET Trustee Development Programme and a corporate director with extensive experience in the housing, care and support sector.

Ola Daniel is a former solicitor and a trained counsellor who works in business and organisational change management as a certified project manager.

Her passion for rehabilitation stems from her personal experience, when she realised that many people in prison, especially women, have little or no education. Ola believes education can effectively reduce reoffending while also leading to psychological and financial benefits.

She was the first member of the PET Trustee Development Programme.

Simon Mellor is currently the Corporate Director for a housing, care and support organisation. He is also a Chartered Accountant and Corporate Treasurer, with experience in accountancy practice in audit and corporate finance.

Throughout his career, Simon has worked in various senior management roles, primarily in finance and treasury.

Elisabeth Davies, chair of PET, said:

I am delighted to welcome Simon and Ola to PET, where they will bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to what is already a strong and dedicated Board.

The ongoing uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic and the current economic environment is difficult for all organisations, and with Simon and Ola’s focus, the Board is committed to ensuring we never lose sight of the importance of supporting prison learners and ensuring that they can access a high-quality education.

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About Prisoners’ Education Trust (PET):

At PET we believe that everyone in prison, wherever they are and whatever their background, should have access to education.

We offer distance learning courses, advice and guidance and help around 1,500 learners each year to study, giving them the skills and qualifications to build brighter futures.

We offer 125 different courses including GCSEs and A-levels, Open University Access modules and a wide range of professional courses.

We use our policy and advocacy work to improve prison education and show prisons, policymakers and the public the impact it can have — for people in prison, their families, and society.

For further information about PET, please contact Calum Walker, Media and Communications Manager, on 07824 189661 or email calum@prisonerseducation.org.uk.

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