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27 March 2023

1,375 learners started a course with PET to develop their knowledge and skills in prison last year. They chose from over 125 different options and the results are in for the most popular courses of 2022!

Read on to find out which courses were a hit with our learners.

1. NEBOSH HSE Award in Managing Risks and Risk Assessment (Level 2) – ATM Safety & Environment
124 learners

This course is aimed at anyone involved in managing workplace health and safety risks. This is the perfect platform for taking NEBOSH courses at a higher level. 74 learners also took another entry-level health and safety course, Clwyd Associates’s IOSH Managing Safely (Level 2).

Stephanie, who started her course in November, wrote to PET to tell us how this course has been beneficial for her wellbeing and career goals:

It will help rebuild my self-confidence and it will help me build a career for myself and my daughter. It will give me focus and drive and help with my mental health whilst in prison, and prove to people when I get out, I have ability and knowledge.

2. Business Start-up (Level 2) – National Extension College (NEC)
62 learners

This course guides learners through the process of setting up their own business. From legal and financial matters to marketing and sales, the course covers a variety of topics to help learners develop a business plan.

We recently heard from Emily who started this course in April:

The course is allowing me to rediscover the love of learning. It is progressive and clearly laid out, making it easy to follow. In a dark place, it is nice to have something positive to focus on. Thank you.

3. Bookkeeping Certificate (Level 2) – NEC
45 learners

Accredited by the International Association of Bookkeepers (IAB), this course covers the core elements of bookkeeping. By taking this course, learners will acquire knowledge on how to manage finances.

4. Nutrition for Physical Activity (Level 3) Health and Fitness Education (HFE)
44 learners

This course is for those who have a passion for nutrition and fitness. Learners will study weight management, healthy eating habits and find out how to design their own nutrition programme.

5. CMI Certificate in Principles of Management and Leadership (Level 3) – NEC
39 learners

This course is ideal for anyone who wishes to improve their managerial ability. Learners will grasp an understanding on how to manage a team effectively, create cohesive workplaces and overcome barriers to achievement.

Jack began studying this course in May. Last month he got in touch with us to give an update on his progress:

The course has benefitted me hugely in giving me the confidence that when I am released from custody, I will have a much greater chance of securing employment in the sector I wish to go back into which is hospitality management.

Spending time in my cell working through an educational course allows me to feel like I am accomplishing something positive that I can be proud of, and I cannot stress enough how much of a difference that makes to me in helping me get through my sentence in custody.

6. People, Work and Society Access Module (Level 3) Open University (OU)
38 learners

This Open University Access module gives learners an insight into degree-level study. Learners will explore topics in law, youth studies, health, psychology and social science.

It’s important that learners can study courses that they really enjoy. PET learner Ryan wrote to us and explained why education is so important to him:

Thank you for funding my OU Access module – I think the service you provide is essential to those who wish to utilise their time in prison by preparing for employment in the future. I recommend that anyone wanting to better themselves should grab a PET application form and challenge themselves!

7. Understanding Coaching and Mentoring (Level 3) NEC
28 learners

This nationally recognised qualification is all about mentoring and coaching. By taking this course, learners can develop skills in empathy, building trust, listening, nonverbal communication and questioning, and giving effective feedback.

For some learners, studying a course in prison encourages them to pursue further educational opportunities. Dean, who started this course in June, told us:

It is helping me gain experience, knowledge and confidence. It is improving my prospects of employment and opening doors to other opportunities for further education.

8. A-level Mathematics (Level 3) – NEC
24 learners

For learners who didn’t get a chance to take A-levels or weren’t happy with their results, this course is a great opportunity to gain a widely respected qualification. A-level Mathematics is designed to give learners excellent numeracy skills and an ability to interpret and process data sets.

9. Understanding Substance Misuse Certificate (Level 3) – NCC Home Learning
24 learners

This course is for learners who wish to develop their understanding of substance misused, equipping them with skills to use personally or professionally. The course covers the effects of drug use, harm reduction, and has a unit focused on substance misuse among young people.

10. Day Skipper (Level 2) – East Anglian Sea School (EASS)
23 learners

This introductory course is perfect for sailors and motor boaters. The course equips learners with the skills to navigate around familiar waters by day, along with also strengthening their knowledge of seamanship, the weather and safety at sea.

In February, we supported Lucy to study the Day Skipper course. She wrote to tell us what studying in prison means to her:

Being able to do the RYA Day Skipper whilst being in prison has given me the confidence to know I will have the qualifications to better my future. The course takes me away from my surroundings inside and it brings out my love for boating. I am more confident in myself that I know I can do it and I am making myself, my children, friends, and family proud.

Learner names have been changed.

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