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If you use services delivered by PET and wish to make a complaint this policy and process explains your next steps.

If you wish to make a complaint regarding our fundraising process then please visit our Fundraising complaints policy page .

If you wish to make a complaint that does not relate to our service delivery or fundraising, then please fill in our contact form – just choose ‘Complaints and feedback’ in the ‘Type of enquiry’ box.

We try to ensure that the support we offer at PET is always of a high standard. And we always endeavour to ensure that our service treats everyone fairly and equally regardless of racial background, age, gender and other characteristics.  Support includes our Access to Learning grants process and any advice, information or guidance regarding distance learning you receive from members of staff or PET volunteers. We welcome and value comments on how being supported by PET can be improved. However occasionally we might fall short; if something is not right or appropriate you have the right to make a complaint.

Your complaint will be;

  • Dealt with as quickly as possible;
  • Handled fairly and politely; and
  • Investigated fully.

Your personal data will only be used and stored for the purpose of resolving your complaint and for no other reason.

How can you complain?

  • By letter
  • By phone
  • In person
  • By email
  • On behalf of someone else ( if they give you permission to do so in writing)

The PET complaints procedure has four stages:


Stage 1:

You should, in the first instance make your concerns known to the Grants Manager at PET. You can do this in person on a prison visit, in writing, by email or telephone at:

Letter: FREEPOST, Prisoners’ Education Trust
Telephone: 020 3752 5680


Stage 2:

The Grants Manager will try to resolve the matter immediately and feedback to you within 10 working days of receiving your complaint. However if your complaint requires us to take some further action, which might involve us contacting suppliers or staff members this may take us a little longer. We will try to take no longer than 28 working days to resolve a more complex complaint and feedback our findings to you.


Stage 3:

If your complaint has been investigated and you have received feedback from PET, but you are not satisfied you can contact PET again to explain your situation. At this stage your complaint will be investigated by the Head of Service Delivery or a member of the Senior Management Team at PET who will carry out an investigation and provide a response to you.


Stage 4:

If you are not satisfied with the response from a member of the Senior Management Team then you are able to, as the last stage, write to the chair of the PET Board of Trustees. The Chair will consider if the process followed in the previous stages were conducted properly and that the complaint was appropriately addressed. The Chair will respond to you within two weeks of receiving your final appeal and the decision made by the Chair is final.


You can write to the Chair of the Board of Trustees using the PET Freepost address: FREEPOST Prisoners’ Education Trust

Prisoners’ Education Trust Complaints Policy

Revised: January 2019

Review date: January 2020

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