Certificate in Event Planning

This qualification will introduce learners to the skills required to plan, organise, and evaluate events – including weddings, live music, charity runs and corporate events such as conferences. This course covers marketing methods, market research, human resources, communication, health and safety, and customer service. Event planning is an important part of many jobs, including charity fundraising, but it can also be a specialist profession in itself, for example as a wedding planner, club promoter or conference organiser.

Unit 1: Planning an event.
Unit 2: Reviewing and evaluating an event.
Unit 3: Marketing and market research for event planning.
Unit 4: Planning human resources for events.
Unit 5: Communication and customer service for events.

PET entry requirements: Level 2 English

Format of course material: Paper-based (or file transfer on request)

Assignments: 5 written assignments

Exam: No

Prison support requirements: Support submission of assignments

Tutor support: Yes


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