CMI Level 5 in Management and Leadership

This qualification, specifically adapted by NEC, is aimed at both practicing and aspiring managers and leaders who are accountable to senior managers or business owners. The course will teach learners how to be more effective at managing individuals and teams and to deliver aims and objectives in line with an organization’s strategy. Learners will focus on the principles of managing, and approaches for supporting, motivating and inspiring both teams and individuals to exceed expectations.

The course consists of two core units:

  1. Unit 501: Principles of Management in an Organizational Context
    This unit includes: Evaluating the impact of an organization’s structure and governance, Exploring theoretical models, management and leadership styles, and Approaches designed to promote a culture of mutual trust and respect
  1. Unit 502: Developing, Managing and Leading Individuals and Teams to Achieve Success
    This unit includes: Theoretical and practical approaches to developing, leading and managing teams, Techniques to assess current and future team capabilities, and the role of recruitment, selection and staff development

Entry Requirements: Level 2 English, plus a Level 3 Management qualification

Format of Course Materials: Paper-based

Assignments: Two practice assignments and two CMI formal assignments

Exams: None

Prison Support Requirements: Support completion and submission of assignments

Tutor Support: Yes

Find Out More: From NEC here

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