Economics A-Level Part 1

Economics shapes how we allocate limited resources and measures the impact of our choices. You’ll study the UK and global economy, using economic theory to analyse issues and present your ideas and conclusions in a clear, logical way. Whether you’re pursuing a career in business, finance or politics, this course will build your problem-solving, analytical and decision-making skills, in readiness for a wide range of future career and university choices.

PET offers A-levels in two parts. Upon completing Part 1, you can choose either to take your AS exam (a qualification marking the first year of a full A-level) or continue on to Part 2 to build up to a full A-level.

The course consists of five units:

1. Introduction to economics
2. Supply and price
3. Market failure and government intervention
4. The UK economy – performance measures
5. The UK economy – income, growth, and policies
6. Business Behaviour

Entry Requirements: Level 2 English and Maths

Format of Course Materials: Paper-based

Assignments: Seven written assignments (corresponding to the above units, plus one introductory assignment). These do not contribute toward the final grade.

Exams: Two – each are 1 hour 30 minutes, and contribute 50% of the overall grade. (Funding not included – you will need to re-apply to PET for the exam fees).

Prison Support Requirements: Support completion and submission of assignments. Organize and facilitate exams.

Tutor Support: Yes

What’s Next?  Economics A-Level Part 2

Find Out More: From NEC here

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