Adapting Exercise for Independently Active, Older People

This course explores how fitness professionals can make a real difference to clients' lives by understanding the ageing process and prescribing safe and effective exercise. You will learn about bodily changes for people aged 65 and over (including muscular, skeletal, nervous and cardiorespiratory changes) and find out recommendations for physical activity. Using this knowledge, you will analyse the effects changes have on the body and plan an exercise session for older adults. You will also learn how to adapt certain exercises for older clients.

The course covers the following topics:

Entry requirements: Level 2 English, plus a Level 2 fitness qualification

Format of Course Materials: Paper-based

Assignments: A worksheet, and a case study

Exams: One multiple choice exam

Prison support requirements:  Support completion and submission of assignments. Facilitate and invigilate exam.

Tutor support: Yes

What’s next: HFE offer a range of similar Level 3 theory courses including Nutrition for Physical Activity. 

Find out more: On HFE’s website here

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