Feline Studies

This course will allow you to develop a detailed knowledge and understanding of this popular domestic animal, including opportunities to study cat behaviour and health care. Although not a regulated qualification, this knowledge-based course can give learners an advantage when applying for entry-level employment in catteries and other animal care opportunities. It will also help you to be a better cat owner.

1. Understand the evolution and domestication of the feline.
2. Analyse the basic anatomy of the cat.
3. Examine breeds of cats and common breed specific problems.
4. Examine common feline behaviours.
5. Evaluate the value of correct nutrition.
6. Summarise infectious and non-infectious disease of the cat.

PET entry requirements: Level 2 English

Format of course material: Paper-based

Assignments: Six assignments

Exam: No

Prison support requirements: Support assessment submission and contact supplier for tutor support

Tutor support: Tutors give support by providing feedback and answering queries.

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