History A-Level Part 2

From the abolition of the slave trade to the history of Germany, studying this course will improve your knowledge of the past, whilst also developing valuable skills for your future. It will help you to become a more inquiring, critical and analytical thinker, and to develop reasoned arguments and draw logical conclusions. You’ll discover how critical thinking and evidence play a crucial role in decision making.

The course contains five lessons that follow on from Part 1:

6. Coursework – Non Exam Assessment
7. Prosperity and Social Change – Germany 1871-1990
8. Germany United 1871-1935
9. Germany Divided and Re-united 1945-1990
10. Revision

Entry Requirements: Level 2 English, plus History A-Level Part 1

Format of Course Materials: Paper-based

Assignments: Five written assignments. These do not contribute towards the final grade.

Exams: Three exams ((Funding not included – you will need to re-apply to PET for the exam fees).

1. 2 hours, 15 minutes (30% of overall grade)
2. 1 hour, 30 minutes (30% of overall grade)
3. 2 hours, 15 minutes (30% of overall grade)

One coursework task (20% of overall grade)

Prison Support Requirements: Support completion and submission of assignments. Organize and invigilate exams.

Tutor Support: Yes

What’s Next? Open University Access Module Y031 Arts and Languages, or Y032 People, Work and Society

Find Out More: From NEC here


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