Principles of Plant Growth, Propagation and Development

The course consists of four lessons:

  1. Plant Classification, Structure, and Function
  2. Plant Nutrition and Root Environment
  3. Maintaining Plant Health
  4. Understanding Plant Propagation

Entry Requirements: Level 2 English

Format of Course Materials: Paper-based

Assignments: Four written assignments

Exams: Four exams (fees included)

Prison Support Requirements: Support completion and submission of assignments. Facilitate and invigilate exams.

Tutor Support: Yes

What’s Next? The second Level 2 Module is Principles of Garden Planning, Establishment, and Maintenance. Upon completion of this course as well, learners will have completed the Level 2 Principles of Horticulture Certificate. It is recommended, but not essential, that learners pass both Level 2 courses before progressing to the RHS Level 3 courses, which PET also fund.

Find Out More: From the Horticultural Correspondence College here

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