Psychology, Social Science and Wellbeing Access Module (Y034)

This Access module gives you the chance to dip into some of our most popular subjects, such as psychology, childhood and youth, early years, health and social wellbeing, sport, education, and social sciences. You'll be introduced to discussions of theory and engage with real-world events to build up your knowledge and understanding of these wide-ranging topics. The areas you'll cover are introduced and explained at a gentle pace, which is perfect if you want to discover something new or brush-up on your study skills.

There are three blocks:
Block 1: Who am I?
This block, which you will study in print, considers identity and the overarching question of “Who am I?”
Block 2: Is it fair?
Block 2 moves to online study and addresses the topic of fairness in several different ways and an exploration of difference and inequality.
Block 3: What can be done?
Block 3 identifies some key issues you studied in the previous two blocks and considers them in practical terms.

PET entry requirements: Level 2 English and Maths

Format of course material: Paper-based and on the VC2. Paper-based and a CD-ROM for the audio-video content. All content is also available on the VC2.

Assignments: There are four tutor-marked assignments (TMAs).
There are five interactive computer -marked assignments (iCMAs). No computer access needed.

Exam: No

Prison support requirements: Register and reserve learner on the course before start date (February, May and October each year) by contacting the OU and Student Finance England/ Wales.
Support assessment submission (ideally scan to the tutor or post) and contact supplier for tutor support.

Tutor support: Tutors give support by providing feedback answering queries.

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