Webmaster JavaScript Web Design

This course introduces the fundamentals of the web programming language JavaScript Programming, which removes many of the constraints that have previously limited web developers’ creativity. You start by learning the basics of the software, and how to deal with errors and debugging. As the training programme progresses, you’ll hone your JavaScript skills via assignments which involve the development of a number of dynamic, interactive games such as Minefield and Connect4.

The course consists of ten lessons:

  1. Getting Started With JavaScript
  2. JavaScript Event Handlers
  3. Expanding Your JavaScript Knowledge
  4. The Document Object Model
  5. Error Handling & Debugging
  6. Building The Minefield Game App
  7. Application Programming Interfaces
  8. Introduction to JQuery
  9. JavaScript Plus
  10. Building The Owzat Cricket Game

Entry Requirements: Level 2 English plus Webmaster Level 3 qualification or equivalent

Format of Course Materials: CD-ROMS (or if not possible, it can be provided via a downloadable file or via a USB stick)

Assignments: Ten assignments

Exams: None

Prison Support Requirements: Ensure and facilitate PC Access. Support completion and submission of assignments.

Tutor Support: Yes

What’s Next? Webmaster Responsive Web Design, also from the Distance Learning Centre

Find Out More: From the DLC directly here

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